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What is Never Lost:

Never Lost is a two player local multiplayer, PvP platforming game with brawler style combat in a closed arena. Players take control of the elements, Fire, Ice, Air and Earth to take down their opponent in a fast paced duel to the death. Each attack has its own strengths and weaknesses; the best players weave their spells together with their basic attack to maximise their combat effectiveness. Outplay your friends in fast paced combat and establish your place as the master of the elements.

Key Features of Never Lost:

Never Lost Features Fast Paced Combat involving the use of Elemental Spells and Impactful Status Effects which must be used strategically to win rounds against your opponent. Each spell has its own cool down and energy cost which the players must remain cognoscente of during combat. The game uses a Round Based Scoring System and the first player to win three rounds against their opponent claims ultimate victory. Never Lost currently has two maps, but more will be added in the future to create more diverse gameplay.

Future development:

In the coming months I will be adding additional maps with additional terrain and interactive features. Interactive features may include explosive barrels which can be pushed around using the wind attack and detonated with a fire attack. In addition to this I will be adding stance based passive effects that will be activated based on the last spell used, this may include a speed boost after casting the wind attack or additional damage on any spell cast after the fire spell.

Additional Details:

Status: Released

Release Date: 23 June 2017

Platform: Windows PC

Recommended input Device: Playstation 3 (Duelshock 3) or Playstation 4 (Duelshock 4) Controllers.

Price: Free to Play.

Install instructions

Game does not need to be installed, just download and play! :)


NeverLost 32 MB

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